A dose of motivation a day

Remember the Titans
Wake up Did
The Pursuit of Happyness
Chak de India
Dead Poets Society
TED Talks
and finally really cheesy videos of Olympic runners training with background music

Can you spot a common theme here?  Or perhaps, if you’re like me, this forms your favorite playlist of movies too. These are the movies I  turn to when I am in the mood to procrastinate, have had a terrible day or just feel down in the dumps for no reason at all. And I must confess that I work myself down to a depressed mood quite often.
So then I’m the reason the Self help industry thrives. That is a high! Be it books, movies, speeches or short videos, I have seen them all. Do they help? I am not sure, but I feel a little better already.
So exactly why do thousands of people around the world spend their time and energy editing motivational videos, identifying music and uploading it on you tube? Merely to run to the rescue of inspiration and self-help addicts like me? I suspect it is because these amateur video editors have grown addicted to their own dose of caffeine at regular intervals: acceptance from the community of self help addicts.
Post a session of reading or motivational video watching, I’m usually raring to go.
So have you had your dose for the day? Go grab your cuppa! I am sure you will have a great day too.


Love makes the world go around!

I love romantic comedies. Especially those that star Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConnaughey, Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. For someone who has literally grown up on a diet of films of this genre, I am not so unsurprisingly weepy. I mean touchy. No, I mean someone who wears emotions on her sleeve. I cry after the guy and girl meet. Tears of joy. I cry after the world decrees they should stay apart. Tears of hopelessness and despair. Aren’t they strong words to describe feelings that are generated about people that don’t even exist? Well, acknowledging to myself the truth of that statement does no good to change the way I behave.


So, for those of you who can’t really understand what I am going through after watching the tenth rerun of ‘You’ve got mail’, let me confide in you- there are important lessons to be learned from these movies. First, if something is in your destiny, it will happen. Regardless of whether it is a certain person in your life or a certain event (perhaps even career-wise) that has the potential to turn your life upside down, it will happen irrespective of whether you plan for it or not. Remember that father of a thousand Indian movies that followed- Serendipity? A dollar note brings the protagonists together. The world conspires to bring them together- a philosophy mirrored almost word for word in SRK’s ‘Om Shanti Om’. As for this thought’s significance in anything other than wishy washy love, Howard Schultz (the CEO of Starbucks) confesses that due to myriad circumstances, he ended up working for the coffee chain long before he owned it. Bill Gates, through an extraordinary number of events outside his control got the opportunity to play around with computers much before he created Microsoft.

The other important lesson that I have gleaned from my favorite way to procrastinate is that things always always get perfect in the end. Happy endings are true and very much realistic. It just depends on us where we choose to put the full stop to expectations in life. If every day you wake up, you have a never ceasing mountain of desires, chances are that luck is going to run out. On the other hand, if we remain thankful after a certain threshold of out wants has been granted to us, we can view life much like an adventure every day after that. Almost as if anything that happens after the point zero is an added bonus, never expected, never hoped for.

I guess rom coms make me philosophical. Sigh, there is a tradeoff to every good thing afterall!,