Life presents t…

Life presents to you over and over again, your biggest fear- until you conquer it.

I came across this quote in the unlikeliest of places- an interview with Emma Watson and J.K.Rowling. But I really think it nails home the point that certain things we despise or fear keep happening over and over again- until we stop caring and start dealing with it. Pretty potent philosophy, isn’t it? 


When you know you’re making a mistake…

So, I have my submissions coming up. Five assignments due in 3 days. Hopeless situation if ever there was hope. And yet, here I am, blogging. Do you know why? It keeps me from mischief on facebook. Stupid status updates, sharing really cheesy quotations and attaining the pinnacle of narcissism with daily profile picture changes.Thank God, I haven’t discovered the magical powers of Twitter yet.

The funny thing is that whenever I do something I myself don’t approve of, I get a strong notion I’m about to regret it. As do all of you, I’m sure. Yet, I am unable to stop myself. After some soul searching, I think it has something to do with that rush of adrenaline I get when I’m up to my just about to be regretted activity. Recent research suggests that the sole reason the human race is so stressed out is in fact, adrenaline. I now have two reasons to stop doing stuff I don’t like. Time to do stuff that’s difficult to do, but brings more happiness right? Something more challenging,which taxes out my tiny little brain cells.Image