A life I call my own- Part 1

I am at an interesting juncture in my life – about to move to a foreign country, albeit one where I have lived for a year as a student, set to start life afresh as a working professional. I have reached an inflection point –  should I  focus on my personal or professional life? Soon to turn 27, as an Indian woman (does the modifier ‘contemporary’ fit me?) and as just myself really, I am aware that doors are closing just as they are opening. I have been through a lot in my quarter century in the world. Yet, I know there is a lot more to look forward to or be apprehensive of, depending on the lens I put on on a given day. It seems this is an appropriate time to record my life. Certainly, life promises to be an adventure. The actions I choose to take, especially over the next year, hold the promise of perhaps changing the entire course of my life. So I have promised myself to chronicle each day, articulating atleast one event- positive or negative- that has taken place on that day. Me being me, I will undoubtedly intersperse that with my ‘pseudo’ spiritual funda. An exciting journey begins. Bon voyage!