A life I call my own – Home Sweet Home

The difference a cosy bed can make is definitely underrated. What was a house for the last couple of weeks just became home today. All because I decided to splurge on four pillows and color coordinated my bed with the curtains in my room. Oh, need I mention that finally getting a WiFi connection also contributed a teeny weeny bit towards making it MY space. 

What can be better than a cozy bed to come home to!
What can be better than a cozy bed to come home to!

On an introspective note, what really makes me feel good? Isn’t it being in situations where I feel I am in control? Where I am not required to perform, pretend to be stronger than I am or take charge. A pleasant home with a snug warm bed is just like a cup of kopi and peanut butter sandwich in my favorite coffee-house or listening to a 3 hour classical concert. The world fits into my palm. All that I desire is mine. I am somebody that counts. People care what I think, want me to vet their ideas. The phone constantly rings with pleas for assistance. Needless to say, I have to turn down a few requests.

After all, I only have 24 hours in a day. Perhaps I should read a time management book. That means I need to visit the library today. Oh no, one more item added to my to-do list…

“I walk this empty road on the boulevard of broken dreams.I walk alone, I walk alone…”. I suddenly snap out of my reverie at the sound of my mobile ringing. I must have dozed off after all the cleaning and washing I did this morning. Was the dream real? Well, it will be, someday.