That narrowing chasm between stressed out and sorted out

A 3 day weekend just ended. It¬†alternated between periods of utter desperation to have a fantastically fun-filled weekend and actually having fun. As always, the fun came from unexpected quarters and unforeseen activities. I rediscovered the joys of sitting down with a fat bound book in a library. Ah, the comfort of knowing how many pages remain to be devoured. That transitioned to an evening catching up with friends I hadn’t met for months and sitting by the quay side. I expected peace; instead, frustration was the predominant feeling I experienced. Morning brought more hopes; a day of utter bliss with baking and singing followed. I felt at peace with myself. A wonderful week to look forward to..

My chirpy and cheery mood persisted till the next morning. Got some serious work done, lay the foundation to undertake a few more tasks that I had put off until now. Lunch cemented my feeling of completeness; a great set of friends at work, an awesome boss and challenging work that I nevertheless managed to get the hang of.

A mail followed, bringing the tides of that inevitable goof up I had committed. ¬†To top it, I had dragged someone into my mess.Now? Would my work be relegated to the trash can? Would anyone ever trust me with anything important EVER again? My boss would be so disappointed in me. A couple of hours of intense ‘how do I fix this’ introspection followed. And then I bounced back.

The mantra that never fails to cheer me after a bad day: a newspaper (I mean the online news, I’m not quite as technologically illiterate as I sound), some chocolate, lilting music, a ‘this is going nowhere’ conversation with my ex, and simply letting my stress spill onto paper. I’m feeling better already. And certainly ready to meet the consequences of my goof up.

Is this torrent of roller coaster emotions ‘NORMAL’? Crossing over from stressed out to sorted out in mere seconds?