Lost Treasures

There have been a number of additions to my life over the last year. A brand new independent streak, a courage that is quite novel to me, friends and freedom. Which is awesome. Yet, I have been focusing so intently on certain aspects of my life (read obsessions: getting married and finding a life partner, in that order) that I barely noticed what’s gone missing.

Amma cooking dinner and having it ready when I return from work. The weekly expeditions to Secunderabad club. Visits to the temple across the street every other day, praying for a decent score in GMAT/CAT, admits to my dream schools and a wonderful job for that special someone in my life. And sarcasm and witty retorts.

In my view of myself, I was always this uncontrollably sarcastic person, an image reinforced by my then boyfriend. I wonder now if that was ever true or it was the end product of an ‘overly-in-love’ mind. Whatever the intensity of it may have been, I realized a few hours back that my sarcasm has really been on a long vacation for quite some time now.

Verbal sparring with my life partner to be, my college besties and my Amma and  Appa. Missing. Its not like I don’t appreciate the people around me now. Simply that I yearn for the not so sensitive remarks I often received and my ‘oh so clever’ retorts.

Or perhaps I’ve just graduated to the next stage of my world exploration- discovering how very ironic life’s experiences are.images (1)For the next 6 months anyone?


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