Beyond the Horizon

The horizon

Unexpected moments of calm take me by surprise. Especially when I return from work early to catch a wink of sleep after a couple of intense days. Being the perennially uptight type, I surmise that sleep, however necessary, will elude me. Yet, I decide to take a walk in the large swathe of greenery that I am fortunate to be surrounded by. The park where I want to spend entire days in, reading and cycling , and that I look toward, with wistful eyes from my kitchen window as I set about my routine.

I sense that everyone in the park is looking at me, eyes filled with wonder. On a weekday, here ?- glances from strangers question me. My inertia overcome at long last, I feel like a bird set free from a cage. I explore hitherto untrodden paths. I see families loading their bicycles onto their cars, smiles lighting up their faces.

A wooden bridge leads me to I know not where. The canopy walk, as its called, indeed lives upto its name. Initially, I tread carefully as I maneuver the uneven blocks that line the hanging walkway. I see a couple of joggers and then a group of cyclists. I feel gay and throw my unnecessary restraint to the winds. I run till I pant. I stand still and soak in the atmosphere.

I come away rejuvenated, all my exhaustion forgotten.


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